Protecting the 2nd Amendment

Enshrined in our Constitution, the right to keep bear arms to protect your family and your liberty is non-negotiable.  As a Member of the Missouri Legislature, Phil will fight to protect this right by opposing any attempts to restrict law-abiding citizens’ access to firearms.  As a lifelong recreational shooter, this isn’t just a theory.  Guns are not only essential to our liberty; they are also deeply ingrained in the culture of our state and country.  Phil will always work with his pro 2nd Amendment colleagues and outside allies to ensure that hunting and sportsmanship are protected for all Missouri families to enjoy.  Additionally, we should also be good stewards of Missouri’s wildlife habitat.  Hunting in Missouri is a big business and is a part of our billion dollar tourism economy.  Protecting your right to own a firearm is only part of our responsibility to protect wildlife habitat that sustains hundreds of small businesses and the shooting sports industry in the state.


Defending Life

Government exists to protect the life, liberty, and property of its citizenry.  That obligation extends to the unborn.  In light of the horrifying videos showing officials at Planned Parenthood callously discussing the dismemberment and sale of baby parts, Phil will continue his fight to stop any of your tax dollars funding this organization or others like it who champion fetal vivisection and call it health care.  Further, Phil will work to protect all innocent life from harm.  This is a grave responsibility  that will be a part of helping to create a strong culture of life in our State.   We must have a culture that values and protects life, from birth to natural death.

For his work protecting life, Phil was named the Pro-Life Legislator of the Year during his first term.  He sponsored legislation to end abortions for fetuses capable of feeling pain, worked to protect funding for crisis pregnancy centers, and voted to enact SB 5 which stopped the spread of unsafe abortion clinics in our state.  He also passed into law legislation that allows for better communication between foster care caseworkers across state lines to ensure that all foster kids under our protection remain safe from abuse.


Cleaning Up the State House

Recent events at the Missouri State House have played a large role in driving Phil’s decision to run for office.  He supports efforts to implement comprehensive ethics reform, limiting lobbyist gifts, and any effort to increase the transparency and accountability of government.  The Center for Public Integrity just graded Missouri with an “D-” on ethics and transparency issues.  Phil pledges to work to make that grade an A+.  More importantly, with his background as an election technology entrepreneur, he understands the value of immediate transparency and helping the public have better direct oversight over the political process.  We don’t need just more regulations, we need sunlight and an informed citizenry to hold our elected officials accountable for both their donations and their positions.

In 2018, Phil passed into law HB 1858 which brought transparency to the state's 2200 Special Taxing Districts (CIDs, TIFs, and TDDs).  His bill required the Department of Revenue to create an online, interactive map of all the taxing districts and the cumulative effect on sales tax rates across our state.  This will allow consumers to know how these districts tax them where the work, shop, and live.


Reforming Higher Education

Our publicly funded university system should be an institution striving to equip Missouri’s workforce with 21st century skills that increase our competitiveness and grow our economy.  Sadly, the university system today looks more like a laboratory for far left social-experiments and activism.  I will work to hold the University of Missouri accountable to Missouri taxpayers and demand that they demonstrate a commitment to free speech and a fair and balanced education that justifies the investment from Missouri citizens.


Creating Jobs and Growing the Economy

Missouri should be a leader in job growth and business development.  We have terrific resources and a strong workforce. We need to cut needless regulations and create a fair and simple tax code in order to unleash the innovation of small business owners in our state.  Phil has worked to get government out of the way so that businesses can thrive and create jobs for Missouri families.  More importantly, on every single vote, Phil asks a simple question: Will this legislation make it easier or harder for a business to create a job in this state?  If the answer is no, he will oppose the legislation.  Like you with your retirement savings, businesses have a choice of where to invest.  They choose the locations that offer the best return and the highest chance for success.  For too long, Missouri has been driving jobs away by making it harder for people to bet on Missouri and her workers.


Honoring our Veterans

Missouri has a distinguished history of military service.  Our state is home to some of the most important military installations in the world.  This isn’t just history, it’s also our future.  We need political leaders in Jeff City who understand how important this is to Missouri’s economy and are committed to protecting our leadership.  So too, we would not have the freedoms we enjoy today were it not for our veterans.  Sadly, the state of the VA is a disgrace, and American vets deserve better. Phil will do everything in my power to help veterans in the 105th District access the benefits they have earned through their service to our nation.  Perhaps most importantly, Phil wants to make sure that veterans can find work in Missouri when their service commitment is complete.  Many of these outstanding veterans, born and raised in Missouri, have had to move away from their families to find work and success.  This is a terrible loss for our community and for our economy.  The best gift we can give to our veterans is a growing economy and work that matters. 

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  • William Matthews
    commented 2015-11-17 23:17:07 -0600
    Phil, you sound too good to be true. I only hope that if you get elected, the poison that infects this political system of ours does not infect you at the same time. It seems that good men and women go into politics with honorable intentions and turn to the dark side once they spend some time in service. Is it inevitable due to the money that is required and the promises you have to make to get that money? Stay true to your convictions and all the best to you.