Rep. Mark Parkinson

"Phil Christofanelli has a long and admirable record of civic devotion. A graduate of Washington University, Phil's leadership was recognized very quickly by state and local activists, being elected to the Missouri Republican State Committee at 21 years old and being appointed to the State Executive Committee two years later. Phil has worked across the state of Missouri and in the halls of Congress championing pro-life, small government, conservative principles. He is a small business owner as well, working with like-minded individuals on a national level to put more conservatives in office at all levels of government. He will be a strong voice for pro-life causes, Second Amendment liberties, and reforming our education system to ensure future generations of Missourians are equipped to meet the challenges of a competitive workplace."

Missouri Right to Life

"Phil Christofanelli is the only candidate in this race who will be an effective voice for the protection of human life."

-Dave Plemmons, Chairman

Missouri Chamber of Commerce

“Job creation is key to Missouri’s future. Now, more than ever, we need to elect lawmakers like Phil who understand that fact and will take action to protect Missouri’s economy. Our endorsed candidates meet the standards employers should demand from the individuals they elect to office

Dan Mehan, Missouri Chamber President and CEO

National Federation of Independent Business Owners

Missouri Cattlemen

 "We need leaders in Jefferson City who understand the importance of Missouri's farm and ranch families.  We need a leader who will push back against unnecessary bureaucracy and government overreach.  We stand with Phil as he works to earn the right to serve you in Jefferson City."

-Jimmie Long, MCA Policy and Legislative Affairs Chairman

Ed Martin

“I’ve known Phil for many years.  He is a thoughtful and articulate advocate of conservative values.  As a student, he stood up to liberal universities, and as a State Committeeman, he fought for an effective, 21st century Republican Party.  I know he will be an asset to the Missouri State House.”

-Ed Martin, Former MOGOP Chairman and President of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum

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